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Subject: Re: Error 53 Invalid Clarion File usign a UNC path
Author: Kevin Vokes
Date: 4 Mar 2011
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Hi Don, Thanks for your response. They were previously able to access this file through a mapped drive. However the application is now using the IP driver for all other tps files (except for this one), and I was really hoping to eliminate the need for mapped drives. The UNC path is: '\\<servername>\C\Keystone\Data' of which the Keystone folder is shared and mapped as 'K:\'. Thanks again, Kevin "Don Sinkiewicz" <dsink@NOSPAMdatasynchcorp.com> wrote in message news:bba2n65cn7oe1qe63tn5abku6kgag2ke4i@4ax.com...
> Whenevere I see "Invalid Clarion File" it is almost always a > permission problem. Make sure the user has permission to access the > path specified. > > DonS > > > On 4 Mar 2011 12:29:35 -0500, "Kevin Vokes" <kvokes@keystonecr.com> > wrote: >
>>Hi, >> >>I'm getting an Error 53 - 'Invalid Clarion File' when trying to access a >>TPS >>file specified with a UNC path. >>I have two clients reporting this error (so far anyway) but of course it >>works perfectly in here our office. >> >>Any thoughts? >> >>Thanks, >> >>Kevin Vokes >>Keystone Computer Resources >> >> >>
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Error 53 Invalid Clarion File usign a UNC path
4 Mar 2011Kevin Vokes
4 Mar 2011\ Don Sinkiewicz
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